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Serai Resort
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  • Serai Resort Chikmagalore
  • Serai Resort Chikmagalore
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  • Serai Resort Bandipur
  • Serai Resort Bandipur

Welcome to Serai Resort

Serai Chikmagalore Welcome to the country where lush green plantations fill miles of open land, where sprawling historical ruins hold hidden secrets, where entrancing temples beckon from dynasties of yore – welcome to Coffee Country!
When you drive into Chikmagalur, charming Coffee Country your mind wanders back a few hundred years or more, to the story that started it all. When Saint Baba Budan, brought home, in the folds of his robe, a handful of coffee beans from Mocha in Yemen, and planted them in the hills around Chikmagalur. The Baba Budan hills are now vibrant with lush coffee plantations, white blossoms peeking out – home to India’s first, and arguably best coffee.

Serai Kabini The protected land of the wild – the home ground where birds trill and deer feed unafraid – the banks of the river running by - lthe magical point where the three wildlife parks meet – this is where life awaits.
As you drive through the quaint village roads, the river Kabini plays hide and seek with you, finally leading you to The Serai, on its banks. The protected forest area which you are going to enter, is part of the fascinating Nilgiri biosphere – and is the largest in South India, at over 2000 sq.km, comprising the wildlife parks of Bandipur, Nagarhole, Wyanad and Mudumalai.

Serai Bandipur Built seamlessly into the forests around, we reserve half our land for the wild. For the shy deer that peer through your window, for the wild squirrels that dart by, the astounding birds who swoop around and for the elephants that call from a far.
The Bandipur National Park is part of the massive Nilgiri biosphere, home to some of the most endangered species of wild life, the majestic tiger being its poster child. Watered by 4 rivers - the Moyar, Kabini Moolehole and Nugu, Bandipur is an area so close to nature and its creatures that a venture into its heart is one of the most beautiful you could ever set upon, and to actually stay overnight, under the canopy of stars, is in one word-unforgettable.

Chikmagalore Kabini Bandipur
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