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Welcome to Windflower Resort

Windflower Mysore Rewind to a land where the body and soul are still honoured, where inspired art and architecture echo vibrations of a time that stands still and proud. Mysore is home to kings and warriors, giraffes from the savannah, and Ashtanga yoga gurus. Named after the demon Mahishasura, Mysore was the seat of Wodeyar and Vijayanagara dynasties, and where Tipu Sultan died for his land, sabre in hand, in his resistance against the British empire. India's second greenest city has resurged as one of the world's capitals of alternative living, healing and being.

Windflower Coorg Fields of swaying grain rush past you, as you drive through the picture-perfect, tree-lined highway to coffee country. Flanked by 3 wildlife sanctuaries and a national park, Coorg resounds with the calls of over 350 species of birds, and is the birthplace of the gushing, life-giving Kaveri river. Climb up the Brahmagiri hill, and take in the sight of lush plantations full of coffee, pepper and cardamom, dark green clusters of thick deciduous jungle, and the endless blue sky. This fertile, alpine land is called Kodagu, after its steep slopes, and is home to a proud race of Kodavas who are renowned for their military prowess and legendary hospitality.

Windflower Bandipur 874 square kilometres of green just 3 hours from Mysore, Bandipur is one of India's best kept secrets, and amongst the few Project Tiger reserves that has seen an actual increase in the population of these endangered cats. But put those stripes away for a second, and be very, very quiet, as you zoom in to a pack of wild dogs feasting on their prey, only to focus on elephants drinking from the nearby watering hole. The park is home to leopards, four-horned antelopes, crested serpent eagles, as well as towering, fragrant Sandalwood trees. Come, feast on the sight of nature in all her myriad colours and forms, learn the old jungle lore and find your place in this delicate balance, in this untamed heart of the country.

Windflower Vythiri The mystic quality of mountains has inspired many an author and artist at Vythiri, a hill station in Wyanad, Kerala. Catch awe inspiring mountain views in this land of plantations where tea, coffee, rubber, pepper and cardamom gently coexist with the rich diversity of tranquil sub tropical forests. Undulating paths lead you breath-taking altitudes. Where, finally, from the top, you can look down and marvel at nature's prowess as a landscape painter. With a cool climate and lush greenery year round, Vythiri affords the weary traveler blissful advantage of being only 3 hours from Mysore in distance and leaving city life - far, far behind in spirit.

Windflower Pondycherry Beautiful streets with names like Rue Romain Rolland, and Dumas. Smatterings of conversation in Tamil and French. Splashes of bright colour, harmonized with Mediterranean white. An ashram that attempts to bring together yoga, and modern science. A Vinayaga temple on one street, and an 18th century church on another. Beaches for meditative quiet, and beaches for energetic water sport. Museums, monuments, and botanical gardens. And exquisite cuisine. Pondicherry is like nothing you've experienced before in India. Or Europe.

Mysore Coorg Bandipur
Vythiri Pondycherry
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